Sheet Music - 3-Piece Set with Backing Tracks CD

NEW ITEM! Sheet music set includes "Midnight in Bamako for Alto flute with Recording," "Kingdom of Mountains for Bass flute with Recording," and "Lebanese Girl for Bass flute with Recording" by Suzanne Teng/Gilbert Levy.  

The Bass flute pieces can be played by C flute.  If you would like "Midnight in Bamako" transposed for C flute/bass flute, please send us an email from the site.  If you would like any of the pieces transposed to other keys, again, just email us.

All pieces have chord changes for piano/guitar/your choice of accompanying instrument!).

Set includes CD with backing tracks of all three pieces as well as the the original recorded versions with Suzanne on flute. Packaged in a folder and and signed by Suzanne.